About the Artist

Hello, my name is Anna Hamilton and I'm a professional wildlife and pet portrait artist living in Poole, on the beautiful Dorset coast.

My passions in life are very simple - animals, the natural world, and art. I simply couldn't live without them, my happiness depends on them. And so after many years of working as a Data Analyst (as far from creative as you can get!) and practicing art as a hobby, I decided to combine all my passions and take the leap to become a professional animal artist. 

I consider myself so incredibly lucky to live in stunning Dorset. I am surrounded by inspiration, whether it be oystercatchers feasting at low tide, the red squirrels of Brownsea Island or the otters that call our rivers home. It is a wildlife wonderland that never fails to spark my creativity.

When I'm not at my drawing board, you'll find me at the beach, walking along dramatic cliffs, chasing sunsets and photographing the beauty around me.