We are a nation of animal lovers and if you're anything like me, you see your pet as a member of the family or even a best friend. What better way to celebrate that than with a beautiful portrait of your cherished pet. 

Working in coloured pencil, and using only the highest quality materials, I create exquisitely detailed drawings from your own photos. Many hours of work go in to each portrait, ensuring you are left with the perfect tribute to be cherished for years to come. No animal is off limits - cats, dogs, horses, hamsters, snakes and stick insects - you name it, I'll draw it!


Prices are determined by size and the number of pets included. For double portraits, the smallest size available is 10x12 inches as anything smaller than this will prevent me from including as much detail as I would like. For more than two pets, please drop me an email and I will be happy to give you a quote.

My portraits are usually of the head/neck but I am happy to draw full body portraits. Again, please drop me an email and I will happily quote for this.

A 20% non refundable deposit is required at the time on booking.

Delivery to UK addresses is £8.



For customers living within the county of Dorset, I am able to carry out my own photoshoot in your home at no extra cost if preferred.

Your pet portrait is hand drawn from the reference photos you provide. Here are some tips on providing the right photos. A general rule is 'The better the photo, the better the portrait'

Sharpness is key. The higher the resolution and sharper your image, the more detail I can include in your drawing. Blurry photos will only ever result in vague and muddy portraits.

Lighting. The best photos are taken in natural light, preferably outside on a cloudy day. Artificial light, or strong sunshine often result in harsh shadows and highlights, which don't translate well onto paper. It is also best to turn off the flash on your camera.

Perspective. Photos are best taken at your pets height, rather than from above or below, as this can create a distorted and unflattering view.

Following these guidelines will ensure you get a wonderfully detailed portrait, but I am aware that in the case of memorial portraits, where the pet has sadly passed away, photo options are limited. In these cases I am happy to work with the photos you have and will endeavour to create the best possible drawing I can.

Here are some examples of good, workable photos:


And some examples of not so good photos: